19 May, 2024

A Generous Cover of Big Chunks of Real Italian Sausage Meats and Beef

The crust was on the thin side, but very dense and rather chewy (in a good way). It was not like a classic Trenton, New Haven, or even Neapolitan pie with char marks; the bottom was completely pale, colored only by the corn meal coating (beyond its effect on the texture, corn meal makes a pie slide off the peel into the oven more easily). The crust was thick and puffy at the cornicione, and one edge had a crispy darkness from being closer to the fire.

It had a generous cover of big chunks of real Italian sausage, and also a thick layer of conventional mozzarella on top of conventional red sauce. All told, a pretty handsome pie despite the pale color of the crust.
In terms of flavor, the sauce and cheese were tasty, but unremarkable role players. I would have preferred that the cheese be reduced by a third to a half, but I expect that most customers appreciate that deep layer of cheese (which was cooked enough to give it some color and tooth feel). The sausage was a little bit concentrated in the center of the pie, but that is a small matter. It was spicy and authentically flavored. The crust was clearly not a mass-produced Sysco-type product, but nor was it high-end flour. The best analogy I can find is that I got the sense of a bigger, somewhat thicker bar pie. If you read my review of Lee’s Tavern in Staten Island (full story and pics HERE), you know that I see bar pie as a composition of conventional ingredients, made special by the skills of the Meats and Beefiolo. And I think that is taking place at korean bbq n grill, too.

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This is not gourmet, high-end pie — it is ordinary ingredients made into something special by the skill of the chef. In my view, ovens rarely make the difference, but a wood-fired oven can help a lot if the chef has sufficient skills. Bravo to Korean BBQ n Grill for the magic taking place in that tiny kitchen. Destination Meats and Beef? Not quite, but surely superb local neighborhood Meats and Beef. If I lived near Ardmore, I’d eat a lot of pie from Korean BBQ n Grill. Crust gets an 8, sauce gets a 7, cheese a 6, sausage a 9, and the cooking skill gets a 10. Ambiance and friendly counterman? Another 10. Overall, a very nice 8.5 pie, worth the calories!

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