24 May, 2024
AYUSH Benefit Cover with Health Insurance

India has a rich history of traditional medicines. For thousands of years, traditional Ayurveda practices have been used to cure illness and numerous injuries. It has undoubtedly offered the best ways for people to deal with disease and live a happy, disease-free life. 

In the past few years, these traditional practices have blended with the modern lifestyle. As a result, people today are more inclined to follow these traditional practices to live a healthy and disease-free life. Thus, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has made it mandatory for insurance companies to add AYUSH benefits/treatments as a part of their health insurance plans. As a result, AYUSH coverage has gained immense popularity. Wondering what it is? Keep scrolling through to know the in-depth details:

What is AYUSH Benefit in Health Insurance?

AYUSH is an abbreviation for the term Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy. This healthcare is based on the notion of natural ailments and is a drug-free therapy that helps to cure specific diseases and maintain overall health.

These traditional health treatments are affordable, and the drugs comprise all the natural ingredients. This facilitates the body’s ability to absorb it and benefit from it with little adverse effects.

With the changes in IRDAI rules, many health insurance companies provides AYUSH benefits to the policyholder. The therapies that are involved in AYUSH medical insurance are backed by the medical science of ancient times and have shown positive results in curing various diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and so many more. 

Importance of AYUSH Treatment

In recent years, people have witnessed a paradigm shift from conventional medicines to traditional treatments consisting of natural ingredients. To support this shift, various health insurance companies have started offering ayurvedic treatment as a part of their insurance policy offering. Given below are some of the reasons that make the coverage of the treatment essential.

  • It enables the policyholders to explore holistic treatment through various traditional, drug-free Indian medicines.
  • Apart from allopathy, the AYUSH coverage for various treatments like Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Siddha, Unani, and Homeopathy.
  • It is a step towards preventative healthcare and wellness.
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Benefits of AYUSH Treatment

AYUSH medical insurance has gained huge popularity in today’s time owing to the fact that it offers numerous benefits to policyholders. Keep scrolling through to know the details regarding AYUSH benefits covered:

  • It is a holistic approach that helps in addressing gaps in medical services and offers healthcare that completely focuses on the complete health and well-being of policyholders.
  • AYUSH benefit in health insurance is ideal for elderly people.
  • Various additive issues like Tobacco consumption, drug abuse, and much more can be effectively dealt with through AYUSH treatment.
  • It offers financial coverage for in-patient hospitalisation.
  • The cost of the treatment is much less compared to other treatments. Thus, the treatment can be easily availed by anyone with all ease without burning up a big hole in their pockets.
  • It aims at removing the disease from its root cause rather than just impacting the symptoms. 
  • Many lifestyle diseases like Diabetes and Hypertension can be effectively dealt with the use of alternative treatment present within the AYUSH treatment.
  • This treatment has fewer side effects on patients in comparison to modern medicine. The treatment uses herbs and various natural ingredients, which is why it has no side effects on patient health during treatment. 

AYUSH Benefit in Health Insurance: Inclusions & Exclusions

At present, there are many health insurance companies that are offering AYUSH coverage in health insurance plans. For your better understanding, here is the list of some of the inclusions and exclusions of AYUSH medical insurance. Scroll down to learn the details:

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Inclusions of AYUSH Health Insurance

  • AYUSH benefits covered healthcare expenses that are incurred from in-patient hospitalisation treatment
  • Medical care expenses incurred from the treatment at AYUSH daycare centres
  • Digit takes care of all the medical expenses for in-patient treatment under Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, or Homeopathy

Exclusions of AYUSH Health Insurance

  • Treatment and hospitalisation outside the hospitals or centres approved by the government
  • Per and post-hospitalisation expenses
  • Health checkups
  • Preventive treatments that are not classified under the medical treatment
  • Hospitalisation for less than 24 hours

So, there are multiple health insurance companies that offer AYUSH benefits in health insurance plans, it becomes easier to choose the best one for you. You can compare different plans available in the market and then make a thoughtful decision.


  1. What are AYUSH insurance hospitals?

AYUSH hospitals are government-authorised hospitals that are known to offer medical treatment through the use of natural ingredients. Some of the treatments included under the AYUSH benefits are Ayurveda, Yoga and naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy.

  1. Can I apply for AYUSH coverage in health insurance even if I am less than 60 years?

Yes, any individual who passes on eligibility criteria can opt for an AYUSH cover. But, before applying for this treatment, make sure to check the terms and conditions of the health insurance plan, as the eligibility criteria of different insurance companies are different.

  1. What are the reasons behind the demand for AYUSH coverage in health insurance?

This treatment has gained huge popularity owing to the following reasons:

  • It is a highly effective treatment.
  • The cost of the treatment is much less and affordable in comparison to any other medical treatment.
  • At some locations, hospitals only provide treatment to patients.
  • This treatment plan is the best for senior citizens and is a must in their health insurance plans.
  • The effect of this treatment is much less in comparison to that of allopathy treatment.
  • With this treatment, various lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension can be treated with ease.
  1. Who can avail the benefits of AYUSH insurance benefits?
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Anyone who applies for this treatment can avail of its benefit. However, it is advisable for you to opt for AYUSH treatment if you are above 60 years of age.

  1. Are Ayurvedic Medicines covered under health insurance?

Yes, under the AYUSH health insurance, ayurvedic medicines are included. But, before applying for treatment from any particular company, make sure to check the inclusions and exclusions to know if the details regarding ayurvedic medicines are offered by a particular company or not.

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