19 May, 2024

Delicious and Meaningful Chinese New Year Cakes

Spending time with family is a must-do Chinese New Year tradition. So that the atmosphere feels warmer and more enjoyable, of course we have to serve special dishes, such as Chinese New Year cakes.

Chinese New Year cakes generally have a unique shape, taste and texture. Apart from that, you can also find important meanings and philosophies behind each of these cakes.

1. Basket Cake

According to danguisichuancuisine.com, basket cakes or “Nian Gao” are always present at every Chinese New Year celebration. The reason is, this cake made of glutinous rice flour symbolizes prosperity and unity between family members.

Usually, basket cakes are stacked, which means an increase from the previous year.

2. Moon Cake

You will also often find moon cakes in every Chinese New Year celebration. Basically, mooncakes are round in shape. However, you can find more interesting shapes of mooncakes over time.

The moon cake fillings also vary, from red beans, green beans, to lotus seeds. On the top of the moon cake there is usually a Chinese inscription which means longevity or harmony.

3. My Cake

Ku cake is a traditional tortoise shell-shaped snack with a striking red color. This type of cake has a sweet filling and a sticky texture when eaten.

My cake is often served during Chinese New Year because it has the meaning of longevity and prosperity.

4. Cupcakes

At first glance, this one cake looks like steamed sponge. However, the cupcakes are made from rice flour, wheat and tapai cassava. The puffed top of the cupcakes symbolizes an ever-abundance of sustenance.

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In Indonesia, you can find cupcakes in various colors, such as pink, brown and red.

5. Legit Lapis Cake

The lapis legit cake is also a prima donna during Chinese New Year. The reason is, this traditional cake has a multi-layered meaning of sustenance.

To make one lapis legit tin, you need time and a high level of patience. Not surprisingly, this one cake has a fairly expensive price.

6. Ong Lei Cake

Ong Lei cake has pineapple filling and topping like pineapple cakes. Pineapple itself is believed to be a fruit that brings good luck. So, people who eat Ong Lei cake will remain lucky throughout the year.

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