25 February, 2024

Forms of Gender Equality for Women, What Are They?

Indonesian society in general adheres to a thick patriarchal culture. Likewise in other parts of the world, men are always prioritized over women. Even though cases of gender inequality in society are not as extreme as in the past, there are still acts of discrimination against women that are not exposed to the media.

Women have the right to be treated fairly and equally in public spaces, starting from simple things to more complex things. The point is that there is no oppression of women for anything. Here’s an example.

Position In Society Equal With Men

Women are not subordinated to men in society, although there are still cases where women’s position is not very important in society. For example, women do not take part in determining a policy in the village. Women still have an important position in society to make decisions, for the sake of justice for women and men.

Getting the Highest Formal Education Opportunity

In the past during the 18th century and before, women were not allowed to go to school as high as possible or were not even allowed to go to school. Women are encouraged to get married quickly even though they are still in their teens and are not yet physically and mentally ready. This fact is still found in people with low levels of education.

At present women have equal access to school as high as possible. As an example of several female celebrities who have studied up to the Masters and Doctoral levels. We can see this fact as a whole, women are allowed to pursue formal education to the highest level.

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Not Treated Roughly

Women are often the objects, not the subjects, by men who commit violence. This is common in households and dating relationships. Even in cases of sexual harassment, physical violence is often perpetrated against women.

Of course this is a violation of a person’s right to be treated well by others. Women and men still have equality, justice for each other. Not being treated roughly has become a form of gender equality and sexual equality.

There Are No Gaps In The World Of Work

In the world of work, sometimes discrimination against women is still common. Starting from working hours, to salary. Even when registering for a job, women are often categorized for certain fields, for example, they must look attractive, beautiful, tall, slim, to a certain skin color.

To achieve gender equality in the world of work, company leaders must also understand human sexuality. For example, a woman who is pregnant is given tolerance for working hours or some time off until her condition allows her to work again. It’s not even reasonable if given time off will interfere with the company’s productivity.

Getting Space For Politics

Today’s women already occupy positions in government, bureaucracy, and politics. This already shows that people are increasingly aware of gender equality. However, it is possible that the position of women officials to take part in making policies is still being neglected.

Not only that, women also have the right to become leaders of organizations and even countries. To get more complete and interesting information, you can directly visit the Visit the fundacion mavi website page.

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