19 May, 2024

Functions and Types of Applications

You can do everything now easily via a smartphone, both with the iOs and Android operating systems. This of course cannot be separated from the role of the application. Application is a software program for a specific purpose. Applications are not just programs on cell phones. Programs that are on the computer can also be called applications.

In general, an application is a subclass of computer software that directly utilizes computer capabilities to perform a task that the user wants. Applications can also be said to be interpreters of commands executed by computer users to be forwarded to or processed by the hardware. Besides being able to help and speed up human work processes, applications can also create more accurate results in solving problems. Applications are generally used to control hardware (which is often referred to as device drivers), perform calculation processes, and interact with other more basic applications (such as operating systems and programming languages).

Understanding Application According to Experts

\The term application itself is taken from the English language “application” which can be interpreted as application or use. Literally, an application is an application of software or software developed for the purpose of performing certain tasks.

In its development, applications can be categorized into three groups, including;

a. Desktop applications, which are preços de supermercado applications that only run on PC computers or laptop devices.

b. Web Applications, namely applications that run using a computer and an internet connection.

c. Mobile applications, namely applications that run on mobile devices where there are already a lot of uses for this category.

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In addition, there are several definitions of application according to experts, including the following:

1. Sri Widianti

Understanding the application is a program or software created as a front end of a system. Then it is used in managing data to be used as useful information for its users.

2. Hengky W. Pramana

Understanding the application is a software that is made specifically to meet the needs of various activities and human work. Examples include applications for community services, advertising, commercial activities, games and so on.

3. Rachmad Hakim S

Understanding the application is a software that is developed with a specific purpose. Can be used as a data processor, running games and other things.

4. Harip Santoso

The notion of an application is a group of files (report, class, form) that are developed to carry out certain activities that are interconnected. Examples include payroll and fixed asset applications.

5. Ali Zaki and Smitdev Community

The definition of an application is a component that is used as a medium for document or data processing operations.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is one of the games that is currently being talked about a lot in cyberspace. Because this game has great graphics, you could even say one of the best.

So it’s only natural that the Genshin Impact game has a large file size. When downloading Genshin Impact on the Play Store, the file size is indeed hundreds of MB, but when playing it, we have to download more than 5 GB of data.

That’s why many are curious to play this game. But to play it, you need a cellphone with high specs because of the heavy graphics.

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Like games with the RPG genre in general, Genshin Impact also focuses on the gameplay of the game on the role of the main players and their daily lives.

To play, players will get the role of a Traveler whose main mission is to find a missing relative in a world called Teyvat.

In Genshin Impact, players can take turns controlling up to 24 characters to complete different missions or battles. Each of these characters has different abilities, depending on the needs of the mission.

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