25 February, 2024

Moms who want to entrust their children to daycare, pay attention to these things first

Not all parents are lucky to be able to monitor the growth and development of their children 24 hours a day. Some parents are forced to leave their young children to work and make a living for the family. When you have to leave your child to work, it’s not uncommon for parents—especially mothers—to feel anxious, worried, unwilling, or even feel guilty for not being able to accompany their little one when needed.

To ensure that their children receive full attention while they are away from work, many parents choose to entrust their children to daycare facilities with trusted caregivers.

In addition to getting care, children who are placed in daycare are also equipped with educational activities that are beneficial for their growth and development, so parents don’t have to worry that their children will be ‘late to study’ because they are left at work.

Many parents ultimately experience the benefits of daycare as a facility to assist them in educating their children. One of them is experienced by celebrity Mona Ratuliu, who has also published a book on parenting.


As much as possible, look for daycare that is close to the place of work or parents’ homes. This is to facilitate monitoring of children, and so that parents are not too worried about being away from their children.


Then, parents also need to monitor the interactions of caregivers in daycare with the children who are placed in care. “If necessary find out what their background is.”

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Check the Program & Review

Before deciding to leave your child, find out in advance what programs are offered by the daycare. Don’t forget, also find out testimonials and references from sources or other service users who can be trusted.

Don’t Give Up

Even though leaving children at daycare, Mona suggests that parents do not simply hand over the responsibility of caring for a nanny. After work, parents still have to take time for bonding-time with their children.

This is not only true for mothers, but also for fathers. According to him, children in their growth and development period really need a father figure. For this reason, fathers should spend around 15-30 minutes interacting with children every day.

“Children don’t need long [bonding time with their father], just a little while. Either in the morning before going to work, or at night after work. As long as the time and attention that children get is really quality, “he said.

No matter how busy and tired parents are, he continued, sacrifice a little time to find out what their children are doing all day while they are away from work. You can do this by playing together, reading stories, or other activities, without involving gadgets and don’t forget to visit our site to get other interesting information by click here

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