23 February, 2024

Recommended Places to Eat Delicious Seafood in Jakarta

For those of you who are looking for recommendations for places to eat seafood, it is obligatory to hunt for seafood culinary delights in Jakarta. From clams to crabs, seafood lovers can be satisfied choosing what type of preparations to eat to pamper their stomach and tongue. With varied portions, seafood lovers also don’t need to hesitate with the price offered. https://www.hiphopcrab.com/

Sentosa Seafood Market

Sentosa Seafood Market is very popular, as evidenced by its existing branches in eight locations. The eight locations are Pluit Karang Cantik, Daan Mogot, Danau Sunter, Puri Mansion, Alam Sutera, Kelapa Gading, Mangga Besar, and PIK 2. For those of you who live in Jakarta or are currently in Jakarta, you can choose the nearest Santosa Seafood from the eight locations. . One of Santosa Seafood’s newest menus is Mamak Noodles. On its official website, Santosa Seafood explains that Mie Mamak is noodles cooked with fresh seafood and reminds you of home.

Seafood Screen

This seafood restaurant comes from Surabaya but is famous in Jakarta, Layar Seafood. The seafood is famously fresh. This restaurant first opened its branch in Jakarta, in West Jakarta to be precise. Layar Seafood Restaurant has a classy and very elegant interior appearance. However, the price of seafood in the restaurant is very affordable. Those of you who like seafood must attend and enjoy seafood at this restaurant.

The Holy Crab

A seafood restaurant that is no less delicious is the Holy Crab. This restaurant is very unique. You will just enjoy your crab food with your hands. They will provide a place with a table that has been given a kind of plastic as a place for you to eat crabs later. This way of serving is inspired by seafood restaurants in Louisiana. The restaurant serves a variety of seafood, such as prawns or crabs which are cooked in the traditional way and then served on a table covered in plastic. The crabs are served with various hot sauces, lemon and salt. This new experience in eating seafood will make you like seafood even more.

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Wiro Sableng Seafood

In the North Jakarta area, you can’t miss Wiro Sableng Seafood from the list of seafood culinary explorations. In this pandemic season, Wiro Sableng Seafood also provides delivery services without meeting them so you can stay safe to enjoy the seafood they make. If you visit here, don’t miss the jumbo prawns cooked with chilies, the bamboo clams in Padang sauce, and the black pepper crabs, which last a long time on your tongue.

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