24 May, 2024
The Long History of Playing Cards, poker

The Long History of Playing Cards, poker

You must have played playing cards, right? However, do you know about its history? Come on, see the article below to find out about the history of playing cards!

Who of you doesn’t know this card? Surely many of you already know. Playing cards apparently have a long history which is thought to have originated in mainland China or Hindustan (India) around 800, then developed to Middle Eastern and European countries where they are now played with various forms of games such as poker, bridge, blackjack to be used as a medium for magic.

Tracing back the history of the creation of playing cards is not very clear and vaguely visible. Many sources say that cards with these four logos were brought by traders to nomadic tribes so that they could spread to various continents. A number of experts also suspected that this game was an evolution from the chess game that used pebbles in West Asia.

Even Conine Poker Classic and some experts also argue that playing cards were used as a ceremonial medium to communicate with the gods. Some of these opinions cannot be fully trusted because the creation of playing cards themselves does have many historical versions.

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In addition to the birth of playing cards, experts also suspect that the symbols created on these cards have also undergone changes. It was first mentioned that playing card symbols were coins, cups, sticks and swords which were first discovered in the Middle East. It also changed to other symbols such as bells, seeds, leaves and hearts, until then they became the four symbols we know today.
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The interesting thing about this card is the symbol of the king, each symbol which is the original embodiment of kings in Western European countries. France is the country that created the king, queen and jack cards. Charlemagne was the king of hearts, King David was the king of spades, Alexander the Great was the king of diamonds, and Julius Caesar was the king of curls.

The presence of cards with the logos of king, queen and jack further expands the type of playing cards. In Indonesia, we are familiar with various games such as ’41’, hoe, to Capsa.

There is one famous character that was born from this playing card, who else if not the joker. Joker is a new card created by Samuel Hart from Uncle Sam’s country in the 19th century which consists of a black joker and a red joker. For those of you who don’t know, the joker card can beat all cards that match that color. The black joker can beat all black cards, while the red joker can beat all red cards. The presence of this joker card did not only make rummy games even more diverse. Over time, the joker card developed into a character that was poured into various visual shows such as films, for example the Joker who plays the role of an enemy in the superhero series Batman, to Hyosoka in the anime series HunterXHunter who is depicted as the joker character.

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