25 February, 2024

The World’s Most Popular Typical Japanese Food

With characteristics, unique processing techniques, the taste also fits the Indonesian tongue, making Japanese food popular. Here are some choices of typical Japanese food that you must try:


Sushi is a typical Japanese food that is very worldwide. In Indonesia, this food can be found in various sushi outlets, ranging from expensive to cheap. Sushi is made from rice with the addition of seafood, eggs and fresh vegetables. Despite its simple appearance, sushi has a delicious taste.

Sushi has its own kind and way of enjoying it. For example, you have eaten one type of sushi and want to try another type of sushi, it is recommended to consume Gari.

Gari are pink ginger slices that are always served with sushi. The function of gari is to neutralize the taste on the tongue so that the taste of the sushi always feels authentic and is not mixed with the taste of the food afterwards. Generally, this Japanese specialty can also be enjoyed with wasabi and/or soy sauce.


One other typical Japanese food that is almost similar to sushi, is called sashimi. The difference between sashimi and sushi lies in the rice. Sashimi is a pure raw food that doesn’t need any additives, just enough soy sauce and/or wasabi.

Sashimi is made from sea animals and there are many types, there are even some sea fish that are quite poisonous and can be used as sashimi. But take it easy, the chefs who process the fish must have a license to be able to process it.

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Speaking of ramen, of course you will remember the atmosphere of a roadside shop that is often seen in many Japanese cartoon or anime series. Ramen is a typical Japanese noodle. Unlike Udon, which has quite large noodles, Ramen has medium sized noodles.

Ramen has many choices of flavors and can be enjoyed with chicken broth, beef broth, pork broth, and vegetable broth. The use of toppings in ramen also varies, depending on taste. Of all Japanese specialties, ramen is one of the most acceptable Japanese specialties to the Indonesian tongue.


Generally using seafood, fresh vegetables and other ingredients which are then dipped in a batter of flour and butter, then fried until crispy. You can enjoy tempura at many types of restaurants, but if you want the best taste, we recommend going to a specialist tempura restaurant. There, every dish will be brought to your table as soon as it’s finished cooking, even if you order a lot!


Sukiyaki, a dish of meat and vegetables simmered in an iron pot. The condiment, known as warishita, is made from soy sauce and sugar. There are many variations in the use of ingredients and how to eat sukiyaki depending on the region. Some areas mix beaten eggs into the seasoning to make the taste lighter in the mouth. If you want to enjoy lots of beef, this is the dish for you!


Tonkatsu uses sliced pork dipped in a flour and egg batter, coated in breadcrumbs, then fried in oil. There are also tonkatsu sirloin and fillets which are more expensive. While it may taste pretty good at a budget restaurant, we highly recommend trying tonkatsu at a specialist restaurant.

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A plate of noodles made from buckwheat (buckwheat) flour is eaten with a condiment made from soy sauce and sugar sauce and given toppings, such as eggs, tempura or other ingredients. The noodles you buy from a soba noodle shop will taste good, but they are very expensive, so it’s best to try soba at a standing restaurant. Different dishes and toppings are usually displayed in a glass cabinet outside the restaurant so it will be easier for you to decide which curry to order, for more detailed information please click here.

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