24 May, 2024

Tundo Pitu Waterfall

I spent the first few days just resting and getting some much needed hours of sleep. I also spend a lot of time with my family, which is nice because we don’t always get to spend as much time together as we’d like. One of the things I love most about living at home is being able to cook my own food. I love to cook, and I get to try some new recipes that I’ve been meaning to try. I also make some of my favorite dishes, like mom’s famous lasagna and dad’s delicious roast chicken. Another thing I love is being able to re-watch some of my favorite TV shows and movies. I can watch a lot of newly released shows that I missed when I was busy at school. I also spend some time playing video games and reading books, which are great for relaxing and de-stressing. Aji and I are two best friends who have lived in the same city all our lives. On our last vacation we decided to explore and visit us the wonders of the city on our own. We feel that we are often too busy with our daily routines to neglect interesting places.

First, we decided to explore the museums of our city. We visited history museums, art museums and science museums. There, we learn about the city’s history, admire beautiful art, and explore new knowledge about science. Next, we decided to visit the city parks. We strolled through the large green park, cycled around the bike paths, and sat in the beautiful water park. We realize that our city has amazing open spaces that are often forgotten in our daily lives. We also explored the small shops and traditional markets in town. We shopped for unique items, sampled local specialties and interacted with the locals. We recognize how rich in culture and diversity our city is. The highlight of our trip was visiting famous monuments and landmarks. We climbed to the tall observation tower, visited historical sites and admired the beautiful views from the heights. Seeing our city from a different perspective makes us feel proud of where we live. During the school holidays yesterday, my family and I went to visit the Ragunan Zoo. I really like animals, that’s why I was very happy when my father took me to the zoo the next day.

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