19 May, 2024

Types of Fish Often Used to Make Pempek

Pempek is a typical food of South Sumatra, especially Palembang City, made from processed flour and fish. Generally, pempek is made from mackerel, but it is not only mackerel that can be processed into pempek. Here are six fish that are usually processed into pempek, Palembang’s special food:

Fish Cork

Snakehead fish, widely used by Palembang City residents to make pempek. Snakehead fish has a texture similar to mackerel. The price of ground snakehead fish is cheaper than mackerel. Currently it ranges from IDR 70,000 – IDR 80,000 per kilogram. The taste of snakehead fish is plain, so you have to add more concentrated spices or mix it with other fish.


Mackerel is the most common type of fish used in making pempek. This type of fish has a soft and sticky meat texture, the resulting pempek is more chewy. However, the price of ground mackerel is more expensive. It ranges from IDR 120,000 – IDR 130,000 per kilogram.

The savory taste of the mackerel makes the mackerel pempek more distinctive and delicious. Apart from pempek, mackerel is also often used as an ingredient in making otak-otak, dumplings, or fish crackers.

Red Snapper

Red Snapper is also delicious to make pempek. In terms of taste, red snapper is not as tasty as mackerel. This type of fish also has a soft and smooth texture. But Red Snapper has a more fishy smell than other fish. To reduce the fishy smell, you should buy fresh red snapper.

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Anchovies & Chicken Feet Effectively Make Bones Stronger, Seriously?

Calcium is needed to support bone density and strength. Foods that are good for bone health are foods that contain calcium and vitamin D.

Dato Dr Badrul Shah Badaruddin as Consultant Orthopedic, Arthroplasty & Sports Surgeon from ALTY Orthopedic Hospital said that anchovies contain a lot of calcium.

“For this reason, it is recommended to consume foods that contain calcium in order to slow down the disease and prevent fractures,” said Badrul when met in the West Jakarta area, Thursday (8/12/2022).

He further said that consuming anchovies also prevents osteoporosis or other bone problems. All this because anchovies are rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals which are beneficial for protecting bone health and bone degradation.

Not only anchovies, to help you maintain bone health, chicken feet can also be an option. Because in the claws, there is connective tissue and cartilage, which can turn into a gel because it contains collagen, amino acids, and some gelatin substances. These substances will improve gum health.

Not only for children, claws are also often recommended for consumption by athletes. The reason, so they avoid the risk of bone injury.

Therefore, claws are considered to increase bone strength. The claw consists of bone, skin and tendons which have important nutrients for the joints, and are good for minimizing arthritis and joint pain.

“Consuming claws and anchovies regularly, you can get a number of nutrients such as calcium, protein and collagen to strengthen joints and prevent brittle bones when the body begins to age,” he explained. To get more detailed information, you can click here.

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