24 May, 2024

Types of Typical Mexican Food Besides Tacos and Burritos

Food for the people of Mexico is a source of pride. Not surprisingly, Mexican food has received recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage. The factors that make food from this country designated by UNESCO as World Heritage are exotic, ancient (some ingredients are heritage from pre-Hispanic times), identity, technology, and diversity.

Unique, complex, varied, influenced by thousands of years of history and changing food sources are the hallmarks of the diet of this neighboring United States of America. Some of this country’s food is already worldwide, call it tacos or burritos. Apart from these two foods, there are many other typical Mexican foods.


Quesadillas and tacos are both types of Mexican street food. They are similar in shape to a taco, but a quesadilla is larger and filled with melted cheese. Using corn tortilla as the main ingredient, the quesadilla variant can be differentiated according to the filling.

Some of the meats that are often used as fillings for quesadillas include chorizo, chuleta (pork chop), arrachera (beef steak), and al pastor (roast pork and various vegetables).

Anyway, these meats are also often served in tacos or tortas, aka sandwiches. So, don’t be surprised why the filling tastes the same as the taco.


This is the Mexican version of the sandwich or called torta. Every city or region in Mexico has a variety of different kinds of tortas with unique flavors. There are tortas ahogadas in Guadalajara, which mean sunken sandwiches.

A meat-filled sandwich served in tomato or hot chili sauce. The bread also absorbs the sauce so you have to scoop it up with a spoon.

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Then, there is Cemita from Puebla. This sesame seed-studded bun can be filled with chicken or pork, quesillo (Oaxacan cheese), papalo, bombay, avocado, and chilies. These various elements make for a festive texture in one bite!


Burritos is one of the typical Mexican foods that you must try when you visit. Burritos are actually a type of food similar to Turkish kebabs. What distinguishes burritos from kebabs lies in their contents. Burritos are filled with meat and bean paste then rolled into a tortilla.


Fajita is a typical Mexican food. Fajita is a meat-based food, the way to process this meat is by grilling it on a hot pan. For those of you who want to enjoy this fajita, you can choose the type of meat you want, the type of meat that is usually used in this dish is beef, chicken, or you can also use seafood. There is no doubt about the delicacy of this type of food, because fajita is a Mexican food that is worldwide.


If you are looking for traditional and authentic Mexican food from that country, then tamales is one type of food that you must taste. Tamales are rolled omelettes where the main batter is made from corn flour.

After being scrambled and rolled, the tamales will be filled with previously cooked chicken, beef or pork. This dish is not only delicious, but has a taste that is unique to the country. When visiting Mexico, you must try tamales.

For those of you who want to try making your own Mexican specialties, you can just visit the marvisdiner.com website.

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