24 May, 2024

Typical food from various countries worldwide, make drool

Every country around the world has its own unique food. Most of the dishes are based on local culture and ingredients. For example, like in Indonesia itself, most of the typical food is made with spices that taste kick.

However, it seems difficult to determine the best food in the whole world. Because every country definitely thinks its signature dish is the best. Agree, because everyone has their own unique dish.

Wiener Schnitzel

very thin pieces of lamb that are braided and fried. Usually served with lemon and parsley. Don’t forget to add potatoes or rice.


Asado is the term for delicious Argentinian grilled meat. It is true that most of the good meat gets to the first world countries through export. But if you have a good asador (person who makes asado) the taste is priceless. Especially if you are in the suburbs.


Originally from Quebec. Poutine is a festival of calories that will satisfy your tummy. The filling consisted of French fries topped with brown gravy and cheese curds


This is perhaps Brazil’s most iconic dish. It consists of black bean stew, smoked beef and pork. It is usually served with rice, various green vegetables, farofa (roasted manioc flour), hot sauce and orange slices

Pie Floats

Often referred to as the cure for stagnation, this dish is an Australian-style meat pie smothered in a bowl of thick pea soup. Sometimes topped with ketchup, vinegar, and salt and pepper.


It’s hard to pick just one dish from a country as large and diverse as China. But xiaolongbao (soup dumplings) is one dish in this country that will never be forgotten. Originating in Shanghai, these dumplings are usually filled with meat and broth and steamed in a bamboo basket

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Paški Cheese Sir

Paški sir is a Croatian hard cheese made from sheep’s milk. It is made on the island of Pag and is so famous that it is exported worldwide and don’t forget to visit our site for other interesting information by way of Visit the brook house deli

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